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Welcome to my new designs! 

Like all of my other dresses the material, skirt, sleeves can be changed to make the dress your unique creation!




 This halter dress is pictured in a black flat lycra but as with all dresses it can be made in any color you prefer.  I used a silver/white hologrphic lycra to create the starburst effect with a large crystal stone in the center front.  This dress has a semi-flared skirt.

I used approximately  2.5 - 3 gross of crystals on this dress.  The are sprinkled on the body, skirt and outline the applique pattern and neckline.


Spanish Amor

This beautiful spanish style dress is made from red lycra and features a top bodice of black stretch lace and trim and a low back.  It has a very flattering bodice cut with a keyhole back and hook closure.  The skirt is semi-full and has a red mesh underskirt.  The top skirt is cut in front to expose the mesh underskirt and there is a black silk flower at the hip.

There are approximately 3-4 gross of crystals on this dress.  They are scattered on the black lace to enhance the floral design and then scattered on the red lycra with a row at the set-in waist.


Snow White

This darling dress was originally designed for a ballet inspired routine however it could be used for any classical piece.  I used white lycra and white lace to create a tutu inspired effect on the bodice.  The skirt is double layer white chiffon which overlaps in the front for a graceful and flowing look on the ice.

I used approximately 3 gross of crystals on this dress.  They outline the front "V", strapes and hemline.


Sequin Burst

This dress was made using wine colored lycra with accents of aurora borealis sequined mesh which crosses the dress in the front and back.  It would be ideal for any dramatic program.  It has a double layer chiffon skirt.

This dress is pictured with only about 20 crystals along the back edge.


Ruffled Dancer

This dress is a variation of some of my previous ruffled skirt dresses.  This one is made of hot pink lycra and black velvet.  It can be made with nude mesh long sleeves or made sleeveless.  The 3 layer ruffled skirt is cut up in the front to expose a black mesh skirt underneath and the rolled hem is done in black.  It features a black silk flower at the hip where the skirt is cut up.  The lower back of this dress is nude mesh actually lined with nude lycra so the skaters skin will not show through.

I used approximately 2 gross of stones on this dress.


Roses Are Red

This beautiful dress is made of ivory lycra and ivory mesh.  It features a sweetheart neckline and low back.  The mid-section of the dress is roushed ivory mesh with princess seams.  It has fluttery double layer mesh sleeves and a triple layer ivory mesh asymetrical skirt.

I decorated this dress with red sequin appliques which were cut apart and sewn on to the dress. The sequin flowers go over the shoulder and continue onto the front of the dress ending at the opposite side at the hip and onto the skirt.  I used approximately 4-5 gross of light siam, hemitite and transmission AB stones on this dress.



Have fun with this unique dress featuring a lace enhanced mock turtleneck and zipper back.  The tuxedo vest was made with burgundy lycra, black velvet lapels and a crystal button in front.  The full white chiffon sleeves are cuffed with burgundy lycra and the skirt is double layer white chiffon.

I used approximately 2 gross of crystal ab's.


Lavender Dreams

Any young skater would love to wear this elegant dress.  I made this dress out of lavender lycra and matching lavender mesh.  It features lavender mesh that is gathered under the bustline and goes over the shoulder and secures in the back.  It has a straight mesh skirt with side slits and a crytal strap which contects the shoulder straps in the back.

I used approximately 4 gross of crystals on this dress.



I love this dress for any style routine.  I used silver holographic lycra underneath the yellow mesh.  I found that the combination of the two really lended itself to a sparkly dress!  I roushed the bodice of this dress and lowered the back.  It has a keyhole back and semi-straight skirt.  Again, this dress can be made in any color combination you like!

I used approximately 2 gross of crystals on this dress.


Phantom of the Opera

Wow!  You will love this black and white creation.  It was originally made for a Phantom of the Opera routine but could be used in several color combinations for other dramatic programs.  I used black velvet and white twilight velvet for the bodice and accented it with white and black chiffon.  The skirt is double layer and I did one side of the skirt in black and the other in white.  Like all dress, you can add sleeves or make it sleeveless!

 I used approximately 5-6 gross of crystals on this dress.  The crystals were used to really enhance the overall look.


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